B​-​Town Shorts

by Lazy Nerd 204

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This compilation of six songs is personal to the artist although it is one of his extremely experimental works. Living in Brandon Manitoba has been both good and somewhat dark at the same time. This album reflects the life-changing epiphanies the lazy nerd encountered while living in that small town between 2009 to 2013.

Lazy Nerd has learned a lot of life-changing stuff out there such as:

- The fact he's nothing special and the world owes him nothing

- It's OK to be one of the nameless individuals in history who will never seen the spotlight and eventually be forgotten

-He's not opposed to living a life in service to others without a dream and not opposed to representing a small circle of people or small town who share a common goal. Just doing his part in Winnipeg is all the influence needed to achieve the significance and community he's been looking for

- It's better to depend on God through suffering than treat God like a genie or Santa Claus

- Forgiveness is a journey. Lazy Nerd is still working on forgiving the people who hurt him from Brandon. He's also working on forgiving himself and replacing the lies he picked up through prosperity gospels and hyper Pentecostal bull-crap. God is good. He helps Lazy Nerd learn who He really is and what He really wants for the lazy nerdy life.

Lastly Lazy Nerd feels called to step out of a religious routine and step into the uncertainty of life of conflict and hardship.

From learning the truth about the dangers of hyper-Pentecostalism to realizing all the pretty girls are either married or taken quickly after a relationship gone wrong, B-Town Shorts is an instrumental journey written on a Gameboy with Little Sound DJ while traveling on a five day road trip that brought me back through the town and surrounding areas and helped me move from an artist with child-like faith to a man with a realistic outlook who is still currently questioning the entitled cyber-addicted world around him.


released August 15, 2016



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Lazy Nerd 204 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lazy Nerd is a chiptune techno artist from Winnipeg Manitoba who uses a Gameboy and other mobile instruments to make groovin' dance music.

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